Apple iphone 12 Pro Unboxing And Price

Apple iphone 12 Pro Unboxing And Price

The name of the mobile we are going to unboxing today is iphone 12 pro. It has just been launched in the mobile phone market. Not long ago, Apple company has designed this mobile with great beauty. Apple has made the iPhone very smart. This is great for tiktok for mobile gaming and also for watching movies

iphone 12 Pro Price

Iphone 12 pro is priced at 264999 in pakistan while it is priced at 130999 in india and this mobile has not been launched in pakistan yet this mobile has been launched in other countries people are also using it in india There are only 3 markets from where you can get this mobile and if we talk about Dubai, you will get this cell phone from every major market in Dubai

iphone 12 Pro Storage

If we talk about iphone 12 pro’s ram room then this ram is not so much but the room is well kept iphone 12 pro’s ram is 6 gb and room is 512 gb which is very good for a good

iphone 12 Pro Camera

If we talk about camera setup, then there are 3 cameras on the back of the mobile and 2 flash lights and one camera on the front. The cameras on the back are 12 by 12 pixels and the front camera is also 12 pixels. If we talk about the camera result, then the camera is also better than the iphone 11 pro because the iphone 12 pro has 2 flash lights, one is used at night and one is used during the day, so the camera is used both day and night. The result is go If we talk about the game setup, then this set is very good for the game because this mobile has used softwear which is very good and better than other mobiles. Keep it safe and if the mobile gets too hot, the mobile may explode and if it gets too cold, the mobile becomes dead. Iphone 12 pro is a very good smartphone for gaming

iphone 12 Pro Battery

If we talk about the battery timing of iphone 12 pro then iphone 12 pro has a 3000 mAh battery which is very good for iphone. If you charge the battery 100 percent then you can run this mobile for 8 hours continuously and If you play a game, you can run this mobile for 4 hours straight

iphone 12 Pro Unboxing

On the left side of the mobile you see the volume up and down button and if you talk on the right side you get a power on off button and finger print sensor which is very soft even if your hands are dirty. Even then you can easily open the lock and with the fingerprint you get to see the single sim slot and with it at the bottom you get 2 micro speakers and charging jack and from the top the mobile is very clean. And if we talk about back then on back you get cameras setup and apple logo

iphone 12 Pro Display

If we talk about the display screen of iphone 12 pro then apple company has not kept the screen display of iphone 12 pro as big as other mobile phones but has medium size screen and also has gorilla glass on top which Apple protects the screen of the mobile phone and also protects it from a big loss. Apple company has kept the screen size of iphone 12 pro at 6.1 inch which is normal and good size.

iphone 12 Pro Charger

If we talk about iphone 12 pro charger then you don’t get charger with mobile but you are given type c cable. If you charge mobile on a normal charger then mobile charge will be late and better timing will also be bad. It would be better if you take Apple’s 25 watt charger and put type c cable on it and then charge it on mobile. They have made the box of mobile very thin due to which the company did not provide charger facility. Use a 25 watt charger which will charge your mobile quickly and also keep the battery timing good.

iphone 12 Pro Colours

If we talk about the colors of iphone 12 pro then so far apple company has made this mobile in only 4 colors all four colors are very beautiful the colors of this mobile are aero white aero blue aero black aero brown most people like aero white color Because it is white, its luster is very high and it also looks very beautiful. Apple iphone 12 pro because of its luster, people buy more and it is very cute and smart.

iphone 12 Pro Speaker Test

If we talk about the speaker of iphone 12 pro then there are two speakers at the bottom of the mobile and also there is a charger jack. Both the speakers work at the same time while there is also a small speaker at the top which It only works during calls. The volume of the speaker is very high. It is also beautiful. Video, audio and music are very good.

iphone 12 Pro Mic

If we talk about the mic of iphone 12 pro, then there is an attrective mic on the bottom end of the mobile, that is, a mic that can clearly hear the distant sound, if a person is talking from a distance, his voice The mobile will record as if he is talking up close

Apple iphone Series

Almost all the mobiles of Apple iPhone are good mobiles but all the new mobiles coming from Apple are superior to each other. The quality of all the mobiles, the battery timing and ram room are good. That is why Apple’s mobile phone is expensive. No company can make such a good mobile phone and this phone has developed all over the world.

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