Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Unboxing And Price

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Unboxing And Price

So today the mobile we are going to unboxing is called galaxy Z Fold 2 and we will also talk about its price, what is its price in Pakistan and how much is its price in other countries. I have come to 5000 and it is available from the big market. Today we will tell you the full details of what you can see with this mobile and what things you can see. This is the first mobile of Samsung company which has the highest price. The price is so high that we can buy 4 iphone

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Price

If we talk about the price of this mobile then this mobile has not come in any market of Pakistan yet. If it comes in any major market of Pakistan then its price will be more than 500000 whereas if we talk about India then India Has launched this mobile phone inside India There are many big markets in India in which mobile has arrived and its price is 250,000 in India and these mobiles have been bought from outside

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Storage

If we talk about its memory then 12 gb is the RAM of this mobile and 512 gb is the room of this mobile which is the highest memory of samsung mobile yet no samsung mobile has come which has more memory than this mobile Yes, the ram in it is quite good. In any case, it does not allow the mobile to hang

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Gaming Test

If we talk about the game test how the game is played in galaxy Z fold 2 samsung company has made this mobile with such advanced technology that it has used very good graphic softwear inside it which does not allow it to hang and the game Also works with full speed without any hassle and another great advantage of this mobile in terms of gaming is that you can make this mobile tab and mobile if you want to play games. Most people like the fact that this galaxy Z mobile has both capabilities and uses the best software of the internet in this mobile which makes it a hassle for any game player. Do not face

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Camera

If we talk about the cameras of this mobile then galaxy z has a total of 4 cameras on one front and 3 cameras on the back. The front camera is of 12 megapixels and the three rear cameras are of 18 megapixels. Zoom in and zoom out is so cute. There are amazing lenses that make even distant objects very close and things look clear. Lenses are very good type that have not been seen inside any mobile phone

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Wifi

If we talk about wifi and internet connection in galaxy z, then it has so much power software that can pull the signal from far away and help to run the internet and this mobile has its own wifi and its own internet. On any SIM you can package and run internet even with full speed if a mobile has 2 internet signals in the same place galaxy z will have 4 signals because the signal range of this mobile is very good which makes it It is easy to pull the signal to the mobile

Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Interestingly, galaxy Z mobile uses 5 g network which is not yet available in Pakistan. Yes, if we talk about India, there are many cities in India where 5G is available but it has not been launched yet because 5g has a very bad effect on human health. 5g is used in this mobile which is not necessary in a good mobile. 5g internet was first installed in usa and its internet is very fast ten minutes The work is done in a minute

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Display

If we talk about the display of galaxy z fold 2 then this mobile has two parts ie you can make it tab and you can also make it android mobile this mobile has two screens you can also fold it Ho and the display screen of galaxy Z fold 2 mobile is 6.2 inch which is a good screen for a good mobile and then talk that there is also guerrilla glass on top of the screen which protects the lcd panel if the mobile accidentally. Even if it falls down, the guerrilla glass protects the screen and prevents the mobile screen from breaking. When making the screen, good glass is used which protects the mobile and also protects it from major damage.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing

If we talk about complete unboxing, then as soon as you open the mobile box, as soon as you open the box, you see 3 small boxes. As soon as you open the small box, first of all you have to Samsung You will find a watch which will be very beautiful and after that you will open another box and you will find Airpord in it. Then in the same box you will also find type c cable for charging airpord. The given airpord is very amazing and does not harm the ears. Then you get the 3rd box in which you get the smartphone galaxy Z Fold 2.As soon as you take out the mobile you get another type c cable under it and with it a 25 watt charger which helps in fast charging of the mobile then you go to the big box at the bottom. Looks like a tray with watch straps and two back covers of the mobile that are beautifully crafted.

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