HP Notebook 15 Core I3 8th Generation Unboxing And Price

HP Notebook 15 Core I3 8th Generation Unboxing And Price

Hello friends, the laptop we are about to unbox today is HP notebook 15 core i3 8th generation So today we will unboxing this laptop, what are the things we get with this laptop, does it have a graphic card, how much internal memory is RAM, how much RAM is there, I will guide you friends today with complete details. And with this, today we will also do a gaming test in the laptop, how is this laptop in terms of cake game, can you enjoy the game in it or not? Because nowadays Jadid is and you buy anything, then you must first search for its specialty. What is that company from you HP Company is a very good company. All the laptops HP has are of all quality. And today we talk about the battery timing and RAM of this laptop and talk about the display, how much is the laptop screen You will get to see a big screen in this laptop, you will get a full screen to see in this laptop, the also has very good quality buttons, it is very soft button. We will unboxing what you have with this laptop with the box, then we are done Is this laptop fit or not, how much is the price of this laptop in Pakistan and how much is the price of this laptop in India

HP Core I3 8th Gen Price

If we talk about this laptop in Pakistan, what is the price of this laptop in Pakistan, what is the price in Pakistan? This laptop has just been launched by the HP company, now the normal rate has been kept, you will get this laptop in 76500 In Pakistan, you get very few laptops at such a price because the rate of laptops in Pakistan is very high. But the price of this laptop is low because it has some RAM and ROM less than other laptop’s But still the laptop has appropriate RAM Have good ram And if we talk in India how much the price of the laptop is in India, then the price of this laptop in India is between 34 to 35 thousand. If you are in Pakistan If you buy from the market from the shop, then you will get this laptop up to 70000 as well. And in India, you will get this laptop in the range of 32000, which will be available at a reasonable rate. Because any laptop is launched by any company, the price of that laptop is first kept high or there are some companies which are normal, this time the HP company has kept the price of this laptop very low.


HP Core I3 8th Gen Storage

And after this, if we talk about RAM ROM i.e. storage in this laptop, then talk with graphics So this laptop has very good RAM and very good ROM has been used. You get to see less RAM at a lower price but in this laptop you will get good RAM Being provided In this laptop you will get the Core I3 8th Generation Get 4GB RAM and 1000GB Hard Hey but you might be thinking that RAM is less 4GB. Let yourself see how low its price is but you can see for yourself that 1000GB hard has been used. Many laptops are such that they have 8GB RAM and 500 GB hard and they cost up to one lakh 50 thousand. So this laptop is also very good to see. HP Notebook 15 which model is I3 8th Generation And if we talk about graphics, then Intel Integrated graphic is used The good feature of this laptop is that you can also add extra graphics to it, but you cannot put extra ROM hard or use external RAM. If you get 4GB RAM or 1000GB hard from the company, then you can run it in this way, you cannot increase the RAM or ROM in it.

HP Core I3 8th Gen Bettery & Display

If we talk about the display screen and battery in this laptop core i3 8 generation, then a powerful battery has been used in it. Very rarely do you get such laptops whose battery timing is coming to the end in the same way that you initially buy the laptop at start All of HP’s laptops have come in very good battery timing. If you run this laptop continuously for 8 hours, which we have received an update from the company is that you can use the laptop continuously for 8 hours. If you play a game, you can also enjoy the game for 5 hours continuously. After that, if you talk about display screen, then a big 15 point 6 inch screen has been kept. You get this laptop with full HD screen only and for only 76500 Trisis laptop is less available and you have a big screen and a big battery big hard from this laptop, the reason why any laptop of HP company When it comes in start, its price is low as the demand of that laptop increases, the rate also increases.

HP Core I3 8th Gen Game Test

After that if we talk about the gaming test in this laptop, if you like to play games in this laptop, you want to take it for the game. Will you be able to play the game in this laptop correctly or not, I give you complete details about it to friends This laptop is not so good in terms of gaming because 4GB of RAM has been used in it. But if we talk about PUBG game then you can play PUBG game in this laptop because this laptop has 4GB of RAM and 4GB of RAM you can enjoy PUBG game with school.And hard has been kept very big in this, that is the reason that if you take any laptop, if its RAM is less then the loss is also less, but in this laptop you are getting 4GB RAM and with that you are getting 1000 GB hard. In terms of gaming, this laptop is not much better because RAM is very low in it, I advise you that if you buy a laptop with 8GB RAM then you can enjoy every game with ease in it.

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