Huawei Mate 30 RS 12GB & 512GB Unboxing And Price

Huawei Mate 30 RS 12GB & 512GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friends, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile where they Mate 30 RS So today we will unboxing it completely, what is the amount of RAM a company has kept, what is the ROM, what is the battery, what is the battery? And also talk about the price, what is its price in Pakistan and what is its price in India In the air, the company has made this the first mobile with four cameras on the back side and megapixels are also high. And today we will also do a gaming test of how this mobile is in terms of games. If you buy any mobile by buying, then firstly you should see that this will work in the coming time or not. Some mobiles are such that their battery timing is good at start but later their battery time becomes bad.So first you google about that mobile, do a search, after that you buy that mobile

Huawei Mate 30 RS Price

So first of all we talk to the friend about the price of this mobile.RAM ROM has been used well in this mobile, that is, RAM ROM has been kept more in this mobile, because all the mobiles of the air also have a higher price because all this mobile Makes good So if we talk about its price, how much is it worth in Pakistan The price of this mobile in Pakistan is 260000 When we talk about India, its price in India is less because India’s currency is more than Pakistan, its price in India is 130000.This price is not high because the hardware used in it is very good.

Huawei Mate 30 RS Storage

If we talk about the storage of this mobile that Huawei Mate Thirty RS How much RAM and how much ROM is used If we talk about the RAM of this mobile, then the RAM in this mobile is very good, which is coming in today’s new mobile. Any company making any new mobile now is using the same quality and good RAM ROM Because it is more and people have money too, then for this reason, whoever takes a new mobile from his hobby takes in good RAM and good ROM RAM of this mobile is 12gb And if you talk about the room, how much storage is kept in it, then 512 GB of storage is ROM. Why has so much RAM and ROM been used in this mobile, while the model below it has 8GB of RAM? This is the reason that any company removes a new mobile, if it removes the above model, then it increases the RAM and ROM in it because if it keeps the same RAM ROM, then the selling and selling of the mobile becomes very less.So any company is Hua Bay, it is Sumsung , it is Infinix, whenever it removes a new mobile, it removes a bigger model, then it has a good RAM ROM.


Huawei Mate 30 RS Game Test

And if after this we do the gaming test in this mobile, then this mobile is also very good in terms of games. While playing the game, this mobile is not at all and does not stop, but rather entertains the game with its speed. You have very good RAM and ROM in this mobile, 12gb RAM and 500 GB hard is very good hard.So in terms of gaming test this mobile is very good because in this mobile Used such software that does not allow the mobile to get hot and cold If any mobile is hot or cold during the game, then there is a problem inside that mobile. That mobile is not good, you should first search how it is in terms of mobile games, how is it in terms of battery timing and whether it is a mobile hang So whatever mobile the air brings out, whatever the above models are coming now, the mobiles are not heating up, they are not hanging, but they run with their speed.If we talk about PUBG game, then your internet speed should be good for that. If you are getting good internet speed in this mobile, then you can enjoy the PUBG game in this mobile with great ease.

Huawei Mate 30 RS Unboxing

And finally we talk about what you get to see inside the box while unboxing this mobile So as soon as you break the seal of the box and you open the box, you get your mobile on the front first. As soon as you lift the mobile, you see another box at the bottom.In that box you first get a 40 watt charger and for a car you get a charger. After that there are 2 data cables Type C cable One gets you to put the adapter into a knowledgeable charger and the other is for the car After that you get type c airpord After that you get a red color cover that comes with the mobile is inside the box It is given to you by the company for free.

Huawei Mate 30 RS Camera

So if we talk about the cameras of this mobile, how many cameras and how many megapixel cameras have been used in this mobile. So on the back side of this mobile you get four cameras, two cameras are 40 megapixels, while two cameras are 8 consists of 8 megapixels And if we look at the front, on the front you get a camera which is 32 megapixels, the selfie camera is given to you 32 megapixels.

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