Huawei Mate 40 Pro 8GB & 12GB Unboxing And Price

Huawei Mate 40 Pro 8GB & 12GB Unboxing And Price

Hello Friends, the name of the mobile that we are going to unbox today is the Huawei Mate Photo Pro Mobile Shining is very beautiful, this mobile has been made very beautiful.The company is being promoted in the mobile air on a day to day basis, if they talk about the battery timing of their mobiles, that is also very good and after that, it is also very good if we talk about the stories.Hawa has also put some amazing features in the maintenance photos, has inserted very cute camera lenses because I will tell you friends with details today.In this mobile, you can see four cameras on the back and one camera and a flashlight on the front, that is, on the front.And the price of this mobile is also amazing, if you want to buy this mobile, then I advise you that the beauty of the mobile is not more than the price of the mobile

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Price

If we talk about the price of Hawa Way Mate 40 Pro, then its price is slightly higher but not so much, in terms of price, they have given more beneficial use of hardware and RAM and ROM inside the mobile.This mobile has not been launched in Pakistan yet, while in other countries, this mobile has been launched here in America England India. And the above purchase is also going on there very fast because as many of the mobile handover has come, inside the start, inside the start, they appear very amazing and the soldiers who are in them are also amazing.This is the reason why people buy these mobiles very much at the start, this is the reason that these mobiles are made very beautifully and with much thought and understanding.If seen in Pakistan, its price will be ₹ 160000 whereas if you talk about India, then its price is ₹ 80000, there is double than Pakistan because people from Pakistan’s currency India are there.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Storage

If we talk about the storage of this mobile or not they talk about the memory in Hawa Mate 40 Pro, then there is a lot of RAM ROM in it, as the price is ₹ 160000, then its memory and storage from the house will also be good for it.Huawei p20 pro has 2 types of mobiles launched by sister-in-law, one is in 8GB RAM And the second one is in 12gb RAM with 8GB of RAM you get 256gb ROM and with 12gb of RAM you get 512gb of room. Both are amazing mobiles, both of them are the same, there is a camera on the front, four cameras on the back and a flashlight.


Huawei Mate 40 Pro Game Test

If we talk, instead of gaming test in Hawa Way Mate photo, we play the game in this mobile, then will you be able to play the game correctly in this mobile or not, I am going to tell you today friends I myself have tested the game in this mobile, this mobile is very amazing for gaming in this mobile, it is very good. If we talk about the PUBG game, then the PUBG game can play between 3 GB RAM to 12 GB RAM so that you can play it for you in mobile. But for PUBG, you should have a good mobile, as good as you can game So this is very good in terms of mobile content because the RAM that it has is also good and the ROM which is 256gb. The game uses about 6 GB of data. So in terms of gaming, this mobile is the best you get in an 8GB RAM and once you get Haji too, I have told you above the price of both. If you buy a mobile expensive one, then first of all, its features which are not in it, gaming test before that, if you check everything, battery timing, etc., it is more beneficial.Because you are spending so much money, if you do not get battery timing or game tests according to you or you cannot do good games, then that mobile is of no use. I would like to advise you that if you buy this mobile, then this mobile is very good for the game test and in terms of battery timing.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Battery

If we talk about battery timing in Hawa Bay Made for the Pro, then 4000 mAh battery is handled in it, 4000 power battery has been used and you have also been given a fast charger which is about 60 watts. Which charges the mobile correctly and on time You might be thinking that the battery inside it is slightly less 4000 mAh battery is less If we talk about an Infinix mobile or in addition to the Samsung of Techno mobile, then we cannot because the battery of Samsung and the battery of air are the same. But if we talk about other mobiles, Infinix Techno, etc., if it has a 4000mh mAh battery, then it is less in the air and compared to Samsung Mobile’s 4000mAh.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Unboxing

After this, if we talk about its complete unboxing, when we open the box, what are the things we get to see with this mobile because many new mobiles are coming with which you do not get charger As soon as you open the box of this mobile, first you get a back cover, after that you get to see your smartphone. As soon as you pick up your smartphone Hawa Bay Made Photopro, then you have a cable below It is good and with this you get a doctor, which is 60 watts And the great thing is that in this mobile you also get to see the handsfree, the handover of the original handfree is the added rate, it is very high and there are amazing hands freezes. So the interesting thing is that you also get handsfree with this mobile And inside the box are warranty cards, etc. And apart from this, many importants see you paper.

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