Huawei Y9S 6GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Huawei Y9S 6GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friends, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of the mobile Huawei y9s This mobile has just been launched in Pakistan, the complete detail battery timing battery power train from Mukammal, today we are going to unbox you friends. All the models of promise which are new models are all amazing because the handover checks itself first and then launches it inside any country within any origin. This is why the company’s cell is more in the air, people like our mobile more because there is no fall of any kind in these mobiles. As it has now come a new mobile y9s In this also, the bay company has kept amazing features, has kept a big battery and in addition to this the RAM ROM has also been kept quite well. And the price is also normal, in Pakistan, mobiles are found very low at such a price because the mobiles whose RAM ROM is more, their price is also high. But this is not the case in this mobile, the RAM ROM of this mobile is also good and the price is also such that a normal person can also buy this mobile. So let’s start by telling friends about the price first, in today’s unboxing Mukmal detail

Huawei Y9S Price

If we have Huawei y9s Talking about the price of the country, its price is normal in Pakistan, within India it is very normal with its price because the currency of India is double than Pakistan. People of India mostly iPhone Likes because they get mobiles there at normal rate, it is hard for us because we are in Pakistan and Pakistan’s currency is very low due to which we find mobiles a bit expensive. So if you continue to launch similar mobile air inside Pakistan, then in Pakistan also the company will be in the air very quickly. Because such mobiles are rarely seen in Pakistan, any company in Pakistan launches mobiles, if any mobiles come from China, then they are available at the normal rate, but they are available at the normal price, but come Oppo iPhone Samsung Company mobiles are very expensive in Pakistan If Huawei company has similar mobile locker in Pakistan at normal rate, then Huawei company’s mobile will be more in Pakistan because it The mobile of normal price is called Huawei y9s Its price in Pakistan is ₹ 40000 while in India its price is ₹ 20000.

Huawei Y9S Storage

After this, if we talk about the storage of this mobile, then this mobile is also good in terms of storage, its price is 40000 but it has a RAM ROM of 70000. So far in Pakistan, an option has been given in this mobile, when inside India, there are two options in this mobile, one price is ₹ 14000 while the other is priced at 20000. In Pakistan, you get only one option. The option means that there you get one with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM and with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Whereas in Pakistan only you Only one option is available with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM which is ₹ 40000. If seen, RAM ROM is normal, after this we will talk about how this mobile is from a gaming perspective.


Huawei Y9S Game Test

If we talk about the gaming test in this mobile, then this mobile is also good in terms of games because it has 25th of RAM ROM, even in 4GB RAM, if you When playing a game, you can also play games in mobile with exactly the right way If you are from India, then you are getting two options. It is very good for you. If you want to buy a mobile for 14000 price then you can buy mobile with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Talking about the PUBG game, the PUBG game can be played comfortably in a mobile with 3 GB RAM. But this mobile with 4GB RAM has not been launched yet in Pakistan, it will be launched soon. But nowadays very few people use 4GB RAM, most people prefer 8GB RAM that good GB RAM. So in this mobile you are being given 6GB RAM, in terms of gaming, I will give you the same advice that mobile is in tremendous If you have any mobile If you take it, it is necessary to have a game tester, first of all you will search. How is it in terms of mobile games? If you play games, play pubg games in this mobile, then you can play pubg in this mobile.

Huawei Y9S Unboxing

If we talk about complete unboxing of this mobile, what are the things you get with this mobile, within the very first you are given a charger which is 30 watts. And with this you are given a cable which is very powerful Along with this, you get to see a lot inside the box, there are warranty cards, etc. Apart from this, there are some forms inside it along with details to tell you. If we talk about display screen then six point is 6 inch screen And on the back side you are given three cameras, one is 32 megapixels, the other is 12 megapixels and the third one is 8 megapixels. And if we talk about the front camera, then the front camera is 22 megapixels.

Huawei Y9S 5G & 4G

And if we talk about the network in this mobile, then this mobile is not 5G support, in this mobile you are given a network of up to 4G. If the price of this mobile was 60000 to 70000, 5G network would be used in this mobile. But in this mobile If the price is kept very low, due to this, 5G was not used in this mobile. 5G has not been launched in Pakistan yet, so this mobile is very good for 4G because 5G will not come inside Pakistan for 2 years

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