iPhone 12 Unboxing And First Impression

Hi what’s up everybody it’s your boy Shahab back again with another article and today we’re going to do a quick unboxing of the apple iphone 12.now you can pick this one up from apple or amazon i’ll throw the links up in the description the price on this one starts at 830 bucks

Now it comes in five different colors you got red blue black green and white all right so let’s go through all the specs now this is a 5g phone and it’s available for all carriers alright so nobody’s asked that for the display you got a 6.1 inch super retina oled panel with a resolution of 1170 by 2532 that is 460 for the ppi patrol

You got gorilla glass on the front and on the back you got the aluminium frame and the phone is ip68 dust and water resistant for the processor you got the apple a14 bionic supersonic titanium uranium chipset with the apple gpu now what does that mean in english i don’t know all you need to know is flagship specs bro flagship specs.

Now you got four gigs of ram 64 128 or 256 gigs of storage no micro sd card slot for expandable memory now it’s running ios 14 that means you can finally move your widgets now you got a 2 815 milliamp battery capable of 20 watt fast charging that’s zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes and 15 watt wireless charge for the cameras on the rear

you got a dual setup you got a 12 megapixel wide angle and a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens on the front you got a 12 megapixel wide angle lens both cameras can shoot 4k video now you also got dual stereo speakers you got bluetooth 5.0 nfc and you got face unlock all right so all that for 830 bucks what’s missing no expandable memory all right so make

Sure you buy the right size no high refresh rate all right so if you’re coming over from android phones you’re dropping back down to 60 hertz no fingerprint sensor no reverse wireless charging no always on display and no headphone jack that’s just whack hashtag bars

All right let’s unbox them and see what it is first things first shout out to white shoes back in the [Music] building calm down all right here we go iphone 12.

now i went with the blue version okay here we go now the box very thin all right not your usual size for the iphone box and i think you know why nice white box i got like in this presentation i know what it is inside this is going to be a device

This is going to be your let’s see usb type c to lightning charging cable i shoes inspect that for quality let’s see what you get in here now this is going to be your sim ejection tool usual books and plug them and follow them and the apple troll sticker

let’s see now hold up where the is the charge at all right now i’m just kidding we all got to talk about the elephant in the room no charge in the box now a lot of people have been hit me up on instagram

all week long asking me what do i think about apple not putting the charger in the box and the easiest way for me to say this is man apple alright this is some mickey mouse cash grab

Whack type of all right i don’t like this i don’t like this at all now i know what some of y’all gonna say oh everybody got chargers in the house everybody got chargers in the house oh they doing it for the environment man all that all right

Everybody got charges in the house but a lot of people got charges like this usb a to plug you need a usb type-c to plug now unless you’re a real hardcore nerd like most of y’all watching this video and me i hashtag nerdynight and you buy new tech all the time

Chances are you don’t have an extra usb type-c plug and if you have one already you’re probably using it for your laptop so you want another one now you just paid 830 bucks yo what the where’s the charge at look put it like this imagine

if you went to foot locker and you bought a pair of ed jordans and you got home and you took them out and they didn’t have no shoelaces you’re going to be like yo this is whack yeah you call up nike and they say oh well

you got shoelaces in the house from other sneakers this ain’t your first pair of shoes take those out wash them and throw them in the new jordans you’re gonna be like that

i just paid 200 for these jordans i want the full experience same thing i just spent 830 bucks i want the full phone all right now for comparison’s sake i spent 850 bucks for this me 10 ultra

which literally kills this phone in every department and this phone came with a 120 watt fast charging brick now we’re not even going to talk about the fact that this phone the iphone 12 charges from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes

with a charger that you gotta buy and
this phone charges from zero to a
hundred percent in 23 minutes with a charger that comes in the box we’re not even going to talk about that i don’t like this type of all right i’m keeping it real which i don’t like

this now this just happened to be the other
night i ordered from ubereats you know
i called up ubereats immediately was i’m
not paying for this you know what you’re
gonna have the nerve to tell me on the

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