Micromax IN 1B 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Micromax IN 1B 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friend, today the name of the mobile which we are going to unboxing is Micromax IN 1B.So today we will unbox the complete of this mobile, what are the things you get with which mobile, what new features are you getting to see in this mobile Because this mobile company has just launched So while unboxing, I will tell you, what RAM ROM is kept in this mobile, what is the processor of the hard and what is the storage after this and will also do a gaming test about the camera setup For the gaming test, we will check whether it is a mobile perfect game or not. Because nowadays, many people like to play games. So while unboxing PUBG game today, we will tell you the complete details of how you can play PUBG game in this mobile Is it perfect for Pabji or not And we will talk about the price, what is the price of this mobile first and after that we will do a gaming test after that and then we will open the box of this mobile at last What are the things that you get with this mobile box, let’s start with the first price, how much money is being received in India and how much is the price in Pakistan

Micromax IN 1B Price

So firstly if we talk about the price of this mobile, then the price of this mobile has not been kept so much inside Pakistan and RAM ROM has been used well in it. In which the RAM RAM of the mobile is good, it fits on the mobile. The price of this mobile is also less inside Pakistan and in this you also get to see the new features. This mobile is priced at ₹ 22500 in Pakistan If you buy this mobile from another country, as the price of this mobile from India to India is ₹ 11500. If you buy this mobile from a big market in Pakistan, then Micromax you get this mobile expensive in the small market, unlike the big Marco markets. Micromax has grown a lot because the price of this mobile is very low and people have started liking it more. If you are a big Pakistani If you buy this mobile from the market, you will get this mobile in 21500 And if you are from India, if you want to buy from India, then if you take it from the big market, then You will get this mobile for 10,500 This mobile is not so much expensive because this company is a new company. Whichever new company comes, it keeps the rate of its mobiles low at the start because it compliments you and keeps the rate low. If they increase the price of their mobiles from the start, then in terms of their mobile price The cell is very short and the company flops right there So after this, if we talk about storage, what are the new features in this mobile by mentioning storage, are the stories good or not, I tell you the complete details

Micromax IN 1B Storage

So friend, if we talk about what storage is set up in this mobile, how much RAM is kept, how much ROM is kept, is it a perfect mobile for gaming and RAM ROM or not This mobile has used 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM has been used. If you talk about a big mobile of Samsung company, which has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, then you will get that mobile from 35 to ₹ 36000. But Micromax company has given you this mobile for just ₹ 22000 So in terms of price, this mobile is absolutely perfect, if you buy this mobile, then you will become friends’ money and you will get to see the mobile in a good display in a good tiger. 4GB RAM 64GB RAM is very good stories, it will not allow your mobile to hang or heat up because it has amazing amount of RAM and storage.


Micromax IN 1B Game Test

After this, if we test the game of this mobile, how is this mobile accident for gaming This mobile is very good in terms of games, if we test the game in this mobile, what is this mobile like in Pbji, what does not hang, it does not stop or it is not hot, now we will do a test in this mobile If we talk in terms of PUBG game, then the mobile whose RAM is from 3GP to 8gp, then in that mobile you can play PUBG game very school and without tension. However, if the internet is running slow in your mobile then you may have a problem playing the game. If internet speed is fast in your mobile, then you can play games in this mobile very comfortably.

Micromax IN 1B Display

After this, if we talk about the display screen in this mobile, then this mobile is also very good in terms of display because it has used a six point five-inch full HD screen. And you get a fingerprint on the bag, along with the camera, you are given a fingerprint And you are getting this mobile for just ₹ 22000 New features have been added to this mobile and software updates have been given to your friends for 2 years. Right on the name off is given the power on button while the left side father is given the volume on and volume down buttons besides the power on.

Micromax IN 1B Battery

After this, if we talk about how this mobile is in terms of the battery of the battery and how many volts of battery has been used in this mobile and how many watts have been given to you If we talk about the battery, then you have been given 4500 mAh battery in this mobile, which is a very big battery. If we see the accidental timing for gaming in this mobile, then if you play the game in this mobile continuously for 8 hours, then your battery will be taken And the mobile will neither be hot nor cold. Any mobile is hot or cold during a game, if there is a battery problem then there is a problem in that mobile. There are many mobiles that their battery gets hot while playing cake games and after that the battery time of the mobile is also reduced.

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