Moto E7 Plus 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Moto E7 Plus 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friend, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of the mobile Moto E7 Plus So today we will unboxing this mobile completely and will tell you friends with full details. What new features have been used in Case Mobile with complete details Will give you complete updates to your friends All the mobiles that have come from Moto, the price of all the mobiles is almost low and you get more RAM ROM in them. Moto company is a very old company; all the mobiles of this company are good, the battery timing of all the mobiles is good. And today we will also test the game for the first time in this mobile, how does this mobile work while playing the game, whether it is hot or not cold, we will also test the game with full details. There are also many big mobiles that hang or heat up during games. If during mobile gaming or if you are watching any movies, then a mobile is hot at that time, then there is some issue in it. Be it any mobile purchase, whether it is of Moto or it is of those or of Samsung, then first of all you must search about it. Because you know a lot about how much the price of this mobile is, how much is the train, how much is Rome, apart from that there is no fault in it. A lot of companies are taking out new mobiles but the price of all is being kept from 70 to ₹ 80000. But in this mobile you get to see more RAM as well, ROM is also seen more, but you get less in Thai price. So first we will talk about its price, how much is the price of this mobile in Pakistan and how much is its price in India, how much money is it getting in the market

Moto E7 Plus Price

So first let’s talk about the price of this mobile in Pakistan and what is the price of this mobile inside India This mobile was first launched in India, then first I will tell you its price in India, what is the price of this mobile in India? So the friend has also kept the price of this mobile in India at around 10 thousand, which is less in Thai. And the price of this mobile in Pakistan is ₹ 20000, which is very rare to see such mobiles whose RAM ROM is good but the price is low. The price of this mobile in Pakistan is 2 times because of the currency of Pakistan from India. Mobiles are cheap in Pakistan’s Nisbet India So friend if we talk about the price of this mobile, please How to pay, you can buy mobile online and you can buy from any hobby Mobile you will find it inside Pakistan to beat Karachi because in Karachi This mobile is a simple buy and sell in the market You will get the mobile of Moto Company only from Karachi, apart from Karachi, you will not get this mobile from any market from Lahore market from Sialkot market. The price is in Thai work, you must buy this mobile, if you want to take any Samsung mobile, then in Rome, you will get around 32 to 40000 rupees. But from Moto it is being given to you for ₹ 20000 only.

Moto E7 Plus Storage

If we talk about the story of this mobile, how many options do you get to see in Pakistan because there are so many mobiles that you get to see 22 mobiles in the same model? Some mobiles have less RAM than others, but the model is the same. In this mobile you get only one option, if you talk about storage, this mobile has 4GB of RAM and ROM 64GB is given to you If you do the gaming test quoting this mobile, then I will tell you about the gaming test also, because the RAM of this mobile cannot compete with the RAM of other mobiles. RAM of this mobile cannot compete with Infinix or Techno mobile RAM or Because this mobile has a lot of power RAM and the ROM of this mobile is also very good, you can store a lot of data in it, which will not spoil you at any cost. There are many mobiles in which there is a problem of storage, that is, any issue arises in them. If you have kept your data, then if you do that problem then all your data can be lost, but this is not the case in this mobile. Storing you very amazing data and making it safe


Moto E7 Plus Game Test

If we test the game of this mobile, how is this mobile in terms of the game If we talk in Pakistan, very few people use this mobile in Pakistan, but if we talk about India, then most people in India buy this mobile because we will be able to play games in this mobile. Because mobile is very good in terms of gaming, you do not have any kind of trouble, you get to see a very big screen, which makes you easy to play games. This mobile has 4GB RAM, if you talk about PUBG, then you can enjoy PUBG game from 4GB RAM mobile The PUBG game is a game played in Pakistan and India and people are earning a lot of money from it. If you want to buy this mobile for them, then you will surely take OK, in this you get to see a six point 8 inch screen, which is a very big full HD screen.

Moto E7 Plus Battery

If we talk about the battery of this mobile, how much battery the Moto company has kept in this mobile, how many watts of battery is kept If we talk about the battery, then when this mobile was launched in Pakistan, many people bought this mobile because of the battery The most popular mobile moto in Karachi is Because the battery timing of this mobile is very good, people like a mobile that has good battery timing So not Moto, this mobile has used 5000 mAh battery which is a very big battery. If you also want to buy this mobile, because of the battery, there is no problem in this mobile of any kind, you can buy the mobile. Some mobiles are such that the battery of the day gets damaged at the end of the time and after 1 year it goes bad, but all the mobiles of the Moto have not been damaged.

Moto E7 Plus Camera

After this, if we talk about camera setup in this mobile, then you will see me at the back and you get a big flashlight along with it. And on the friend you also get a camera which is its selfie camera The front selfie camera gives you 8 megapixels and the two cameras on the bed are one camera 48 megapixels and the other camera is 2 megapixels. Mobile is also very good in terms of camera setup, if you want to take the camera for it, then there are many mobiles of Motorola whose cameras are very good Many people also buy it for the camera because their results in their lenses are never bad because it is a very big company and very old company. Many new pictures have been added to this mobile, due to other mobile phones, but 5G has not been launched in this mobile yet, soon 5g will come in the above cases.

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