Nokia 8.1 6GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Nokia 8.1 6GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friends, today the mobile that we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile, the model of that mobile is Nokia 8.1 So today we will unboxing this model 8 point 1 of Nokia for the first time, with complete details, you will tell friends how what features have been kept in mobile. So today we will unboxing its complete that you can see what is there with it, how much power is how many watts of battery How much RAM is kept in this mobile, how much RAM is kept and apart from this, we will talk about camera setup, how many cameras have been installed How many cameras are there on the front? So today we will also do a game test, for the first time we are unboxing this mobile of Nokia and for the first time we will test the game in it. Can we get game play in mobile from Nokia or not because many people do such unboxing which says that this mobile is not good for games Today we will touch the game itself and you told friends that it is really not good for the game or it can play this mobile game like other mobiles And we will also talk about its price, how much money this mobile is being sold in Pakistan and what is its price in the market and how much is it being sold in the Indian market So let’s start first I will tell you about the storage, after that I will tell you about the price and after that we will review it and unboxing it and also tell about the battery.

Nokia 8.1 Storage

So friend if we talk about the storage of this mobile, how many GB RAM and how many GB RAM has been kept in this mobile. So from this friend you get two options in this mobile, in the same model you are given two options, one of 4GB RAM and 16GB of RAM. With 4GB RAM mobile you get 64GB ROM and with 8GB RAM mobile you get 128GB ROM You will not get this mobile from any market, from any market. If there is a difference in the price, RAM of both mobiles will be different in ROM, then the price will automatically be different. So you should not buy a mobile with good DP because there is not much difference in their price. 6GB mobile gives you many new features


Nokia 8.1 Price

After that if we talk about the price of this mobile, how much is this mobile being sold in Pakistan and what is the price of this mobile in India So first of all we talk about Pakistan that in Pakistan, this mobile If sold, the first option is 4GB and 64GB You will get 4GB RAM mobile with ₹ 32000 from any market of Nokia And if we talk about six GB and 128GB ROM then you will get ₹ 40000 from any big market But if we talk about India, then the price of this mobile in India is slightly lower, if we will see 4B, if we want to buy mobile from India, then if you live in India then you will get 4GB mobile in 16000.And if you talk about a 6GB mobile, then you will get only 4000k difference, 20,000 packs will be available from India, its price in India is less because Pakistan has low currency, due to which this mobile is cheaper in India.

Nokia 8.1 Battery

After this, if we talk about the battery of this mobile, then the battery is kept a little less in this context of other mobiles Because in all the mobile phones of Nokia, you get less watts of battery but their timing is good. So Nokia company has used 3500 mAh battery in this mobile, which is less if seen. But if Infinix or Techno mobile has a battery of 5000 mAh and Nokia mobile has a battery of 3500 mAh, then it cannot compete with Nokia’s mobile battery. Because Nokia company makes a very good battery and uses it in the mobile, which makes its timing very good, you are also given a charger which is 20 watts and you are given a Type C cable.

Nokia 8.1 Camera

On the friend, if we talk about the camera setup of this mobile, on the bank side you get two cameras, on the front you get a camera. The 7 camera in the back camera is 48 megapixels and the second camera is also Pisces but it is 2 megapixels. And you get to see a big flashlight And on the selfie camera you get 8 megapixels. So the lens has been used in this mobile way very well, very good land has been kept which removes your picture with the result in a very clean way.

Nokia 8.1 Game Test

If we test the game in this mobile, then for the game test, the accident is the house for gaming. How is this mobile? I test the game and tell you friends with complete details how this mobile has been used in gaming. Mobile 8.1 model with 4GB RAM which is from friend does not work properly in terms of gaming. But if you see a mobile with 6GB RAM then it is the perfect mobile for gaming. If you buy any mobile, whether it is from Nokia or it is from Samsung or it is from Moto, first of all you have battery timing and Please refer to the gaming test in the last, because there are many mobiles that play games, and the accident is not enough for the battery. I have told you my friends that mobile with 4GB RAM is not right for gaming whereas Nokia’s Nokia 8.1 mobile with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM is absolutely perfect. If you want to take a mobile, then the difference in this within India is only ₹ 4000. You 8 point one Buy with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, Pakistan has difference of only ₹ 8000. Price of 8000 is not much. Nokia company has made a lot of progress in Pakistan, the reason for the growth is that Nokia makes any mobile after testing it Launches in any country

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