OnePlus 8T Smart Phone Unboxing & Price

OnePlus 8T Smart Phone Unboxing & Price

Hello friend, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile OnePlus 8t So friend, today we will unboxing this mobile completely, what are the things from the company from you in this mobile Friends unboxing such new mobiles has its own unique fun Because all the mobiles that this company has launched are very good and very amazing. Battery timing of this mobile Storage is very good and RAM ROM is also very amazing. If we talk about the display, a big screen is kept full HD result and this mobile is 5G supported. We are going to unbox the complete of this mobile today, you will tell friends about the battery, you will tell the friends about the storage and after that you will show it by testing the game. So first of all, we talk about the price of this mobile, how much is its price in Pakistan and how much is it worth in India.

OnePlus 8T Price

If we talk about the price of OnePlus 8t of this mobile in Pakistan So the price of this mobile is about 104000 Pakistani Rupees Apart from this, if we talk about this mobile how much is the price of this mobile in India, then the price of this mobile in India is ₹ 52000. If we see the price of this mobile in terms of the RAM and ROM that is placed in this mobile, then the price is very low. Because you get to see such mobiles very rarely, which are given to you at such a low price There is a very big set in 104000 pieces, you are being set up so big, no other company has done this to you on mobile. This mobile is very good in terms of price.I would like to advise you that this mobile Please check once un boxed before checking


OnePlus 8T Storage

So friend if we test game in this mobile, how is this mobile in terms of gaming Any mobile whose RAM and ROM will be good i.e. if storage is good, then that mobile will be very good. Mobile waits on RAM and ROM No mobile kills due to good RAM and ROM If you think yourself that any mobile you buy, if you see less RAM ROM in that mobile, then that mobile is also not good, but the mobile RAM ROM that gives you good, that mobile runs very good and amazing. So the RAM ROM in this mobile is very good. Gaming test will also be good in this way. Mobile battery RAM and good battery test and game test is also very good. Nowadays a very The game that runs is Pabji, if you play Pabji in this mobile, then from the company, you get many such software in this mobile, that is to say, the mobile does not get hot nor cold If any mobile is hot or cold during the game then the problem is in that mobile. So this mobile is very good in terms of games, if you want to buy mobile in terms of gaming then you must buy because I myself have played games in it

OnePlus 8T Battery

After this, if we talk about the battery timing of this mobile, then a very large battery has been used in this mobile. From OnePlus company, you will get this mobile 5000 mAh battery is drawn Which is a very good battery for a good mobile The battery timing of any mobile is bad when you do not charge that mobile on its original charger. So I will give you the same advice if you charge this mobile with its original charger, then this mobile life will not spoil the battery timing. In terms of battery, this mobile is very good. Battery is good at the same time when the system software of the mobile is good.

OnePlus 8T Display

After this, if we talk about this mobile, how many inch display is placed in this mobile of display Friends Mobile has a 6.55-inch full HD display screen. And on the front you get a fingerprint fingerprint sensor is framed on the display screen. Full HD screen is given to you and apart from this you get Gorilla Glass on the screen which makes the touch and LCD of any mobile safe. If your mobile falls down due to a mistake then your mobile does not have any problem because if your mobile has gorilla glass then it keeps your mobile safe.

OnePlus 8T 5G

If we talk in this mobile whether this mobile is 4G supported or 5G supported So Friend, 5G has also been used in this mobile, 5G is not available in Pakistan yet, but in this mobile you will have 5G Is given There are some areas of India where we have been on 5G, if you see internet speed in this mobile, then you will get a very good speed.

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