Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing And Price

Reno 2F Unboxing

Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing And Price

Friends, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile, Oppo Reno 2f So friend, today we will unbox complete this mobile, what new things do you get to see in this mobile? What new features have been introduced in this mobile by Oppo, what things have been increased, we will do complete unboxing today Today we will test the battery timing game of this mobile, apart from this, in Pakistan and India, how much the price of this mobile is, I will tell you friends with complete details. From OPPO, this mobile has used a very active and very good quality camera setup. So first of all we will talk about its price from friend, then we will talk about display screen, after that we will unboxing its camera setup game test 5G supported 4G supported. And how is the battery in this mobile, what kind of battery has been used, if we do complete unboxing, let’s start with the first thing we talk about its price in Pakistan and India.

Oppo Reno 2F Price

So friend if we talk about the price of this mobile, what is the price of this mobile inside Pakistan and what is the price of this mobile inside India When this mobile was new from friend, when this mobile was priced at ₹ 47000 in Pakistan But many people liked this mobile, many people started using it. As the cell of this mobile became more and more, the rate of Oppo Reno 2f has been reduced to almost ₹ 54000. In Pakistan, the price of this mobile is around ₹ 54000 whereas inside India the price of this mobile is about ₹ 27000. The price of this mobile in Pakistan is higher because of the currency of Pakistan In India, this mobile will get about ₹ 26000 from the big market, while you can go to the big market in Pakistan from Karachi Lahore’s big market, you will get this mobile of 52000. The kind of RAM ROM has been used in this mobile, in this sense, the price of this mobile is very low. This model from Samsung company or Huawei company Price is kept at ₹ 80000 In this sense, this mobile of Oppo company is very good and many people have liked it.

Oppo Reno 2F Display

Friends, if we talk about the display screen of this mobile, how much respect the OPPO company has placed in this mobile Friends Oppo Reno 2f uses a large green gorilla glass, which keeps the screen of the mobile safe from any danger. The screen of this mobile has been made using a very different kind of software using different things, using a large LED screen of six point 5 inches. Fingerprint lock sensor has been installed on the screen itself, which is a very good design for today’s new mobile and also a very good thing.


Oppo Reno 2F Cameras Setup

If friends, we talk about the camera setup in Oppo Reno 2f, what kind of camera and which megapixel camera has been used by the Oppo company in Reno 2f. Yes, on the back side of the friend you get four cameras while on the front you get a selfie camera. Backman camera is 48 megapixels, below it is a small camera which is 8 megapixels, below it there are two small cameras which are two 2 megapixels. The front selfie camera is about 16 megapixels, which has proved to be a very good pick to make a very good selfie. Oppo company has used 5 cameras in Oppo Reno 2f, on the back you get a flashlight.

Oppo Reno 2F Game Test

If we will test the game in this mobile, what kind of mobile is Oppo Reno 2f gaming, is it good to buy this mobile for the game Zee Friends, the mobile whose RAM ROM will be good, that mobile will be good in terms of games. On behalf of Appu, this mobile has used a big RAM and a large ROM, in which neither this mobile is hot nor cold during accident gaming. If any mobile is hot or cold during gaming, or hangs on intermittently, then that mobile does not prove to be right, what is the issue of RAM ROM or graphics of that mobile. So there is no such problem in this mobile, now I will tell you about the RAM ROM of this mobile, what is the storage setup in this mobile.

Oppo Reno 2F Storage

If we talk about storage in Oppo Reno 2f, we will talk about RAM ROM, how much RAM and how much ROM has been used in this mobile. If we talk about RAM in this mobile, then an 8GB large RAM has been used, which does not allow the mobile to heat up nor cool down. And about 128GB of room has been used, which is a very good disease for a good mobile. In terms of Sorry, the Oppo Reno 2f is a very good mobile, it is a very amazing set. Whichever mobile will have good storage, there will never be any loss to that mobile, different types of software must have been used in that mobile and the graphics of niche type will be used.

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