Redmi Note 9 Pro Smart Phone Unboxing and Price

Redmi Note 9 Pro Smart Phone Unboxing and Price

Hello Friends the name of the mobile we are going to unboxing today is Redmi Note 9 Pro So friend today, we will unboxing this mobile completely, what new feature do you get in this mobile from Redmi Redmi has increased many good functions and many good things in this mobile. The price of this mobile is going to talk about ROM ie storage and after that its complete unboxing battery timing. And complete completes will be unboxing what are you received from this mobile box. From Friends Redmi, this is a mobile that has a very good mobile made with storage and battery using large battery and citing game test. Today we will also test the game of this mobile by playing some games, I will tell you whether this mobile is good in terms of gaming or not. And today we will also talk about the price of this mobile with a friend, how much is the price of this mobile in Pakistan and how much is the price of this mobile in India So first of all we talk about the price, so let’s start

Redmi Note 9 Pro Price

Friends, if we talk about the price of this mobile, then the amount of storage is kept in the mobile, the price of this mobile is very good and reasonable in terms of storage. If any company launches any mobile in Samsung Huawei, which has used so much RAM ROM as the Redmi Note 9 Pro, then the price of that mobile is higher than this mobile. But you do not get to see such a high price from Redmi Note 9 Pro The price of Redmi Note 9 Pro in Pakistan is around ₹ 44000. If you buy this mobile from a big market in Karachi or from a big market in Lahore, you will get it for about ₹ 43000. And after this, if we talk in India, how much is the price of this mobile in India, then the price of this mobile in India is about ₹ 21000. announcement 22000 while if you buy from a big market, you will get this mobile for ₹ 21000


Redmi Note 9 Pro Storage

Friends, if we talk about the storage of this mobile, how many stories are kept in this mobile, what stories are there, I will tell you with complete details. So Friend this mobile has used about 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM. On behalf of Redmi, using a good RAM ROM in this mobile, a good set has been kept in a reasonable rupee. This is the Wahid mobile of Redmi, whose cell has been the most, because in this you also get a very reasonable price and a good setup, good software. In terms of storage, this mobile is very good, using 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and increasing the number of softwares, this mobile has been made.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Game Test

Friends if we test game in this mobile So this mobile is best for games as well, because any mobile whose RAM or ROM is good Game test is also very good in that mobile, that is, it is a tremendous mobile in terms of gaming. Nowadays a new game PUBG was launched, in this mobile game we will check how it is in terms of mobile game. This mobile is very good in terms of Zee Friends game, some such graphics have been used in this mobile. Which does not allow the mobile to stop during the game and neither the mobile is hot nor the mobile is cold Any mobile is hot or cold during the game or while running, then that mobile is not good, it spoils very soon or its battery timing gets spoiled. So in this mobile game, you can play it in a very good way, it is the perfect mobile for gaming. Pubg game if you have good net speed, then you are very well and very Will be able to play public games professionally

Redmi Note 9 Pro Battery

Friends if we talk about the battery of Redmi Note 9 Pro, how many mAh battery has been used in this mobile. Friend G This mobile has used a very large battery because we have done a game test of this mobile which is a very good setup, very big and good software has been used inside it, due to which a big battery in it This mobile has been made using 5000 mAh battery and the battery of this mobile is very good and big. Battery timing that if we talk about You can use the mobile for 24 hours by watching movies, while you can play games in this mobile for 18 hours continuously.

Complete Unboxing Redmi Note 9 Pro

If we complete unboxing of this mobile, what do you get with the box? As soon as you open the box with a friend, you get your mobile first. Apart from that below you get a large charger of 25 watts And you get a Type C cable You do not get to see hands free in this mobile because you do not have handfree available in those mobiles. Apart from this, if you check the mobile, then you get a big full HD screen which is about six inches by 7 inches. On the side you get the fingerprint, apart from this you will get Volume up Volume down button is available Above the fingerprint you get the power on button At the bottom you get the Type C charger pin, get the charger chat And also you get a handsfree jack

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