Samsung Galaxy A30S 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Samsung Galaxy A30S 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friends, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile a30s So this is Samsung’s model Samsung a30s Today we will unboxing it completely and will present you before you by RAM ROM i.e. storage and battery timing, battery power gaming test and complete un boxing. What new features has the Samsung company added to this mobile Is the new thing updated because any Samsung mobile Launches, you get to see something new in it So today we will talk about what new you will get in this mobile First we will talk about the price, after that we will talk about storage, then we will talk about the game of gaming test, after that we will talk about 5G 4G. The camera setup in this mobile in Samsung looks very good About camera setup Will talk with complete details

Samsung A30S Price

Talking about the price of this mobile, Samsung has kept the price of this mobile in 36900 If seen, this price is very low because the mud that Samsung has put in this mobile is of very high quality. One setup you get in 36900 and the other setup you Get in 40000 There is a difference in RAM ROM of both mobile phones Samsung has given two options in this mobile One mobile is available in 6GB RAM and the other mobile is available in 4GB RAM. You get up to 36000 mobiles with 4GB RAM while another mobile you get for ₹ 40000 with RAM of 6GB So friend, this was the price of this mobile, after this we will now talk about the storage of this mobile

Samsung A30S Storage

So friend, if we talk about storage in this mobile, talk about train ROM, then you get two options in this mobile. With 6 GB RAM and another option you Comes with 4GB You get 64GB ROM with 4GB of RAM. And with 6GB of RAM you get 128GB ROM. If seen, both the mobiles both options are fine because a lot of company makes whatever new mobile. So it keeps 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM but 128GB ROM with 6GB RAM is very less companies. So Samsung company has made this set top box very beneficial If you buy any new mobile, first of all you see train or ROM It is a very good thing that if you like a mobile with more love disease, then this mobile is very good in this sense, it is powerful, I have used it myself.

Samsung A30S Game Test

If we talk about the gaming test of this mobile, how is this mobile in terms of cake game Any mobile company launches any new mobile, first of all, the company itself checks up that mobile. If the company itself sees a fault in that mobile, then the company fixes it and then checks it again. If the mobile works well then only the company launches that mobile in other countries So this mobile from the house is very good for game test, if you talk about the game of Pabg whether we can play the game in this mobile or not So you are getting two setup in this mobile both are amazing You can also play Pubg game with 4GB RAM You can play without any tension or not if you play the game in 4GB RAM option So you can easily enjoy the game in this mobile too, but if you are getting another option with 6GB RAM, then there is a difference of ₹ 4000. There is not much difference for gaming, mobile with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM is very good. Because the more RAM is good, the more internet speed will be good and the more ping will be your low. So 6GB of RAM With this mobile is very good, I would recommend that you buy a mobile with 6GB RAM, there is a difference of only ₹ 4000


Samsung A30S Cameras

After this, if we talk about the camera setup of this mobile, then the company has placed 3 cameras behind this mobile. At such a low price you get three cameras on the back side of this mobile. The main camera is 28 megapixels, the middle camera is 8 megapixels and the most last camera you get is 5 megapixels Talking about camera setup, the lens is also very good in this mobile because if you make any video or picture by video or picture, then this mobile is very far away by cleaning the pick Save to your mobile This quality is very good for this mobile

Samsung A30S Battery

If we talk about the battery of this mobile, then Samsung company has used 4000 mAh battery in this mobile. And with this you get a charger in this mobile which is 30 watts and you also see a Type C cable. And this mobile fast charging Supports A good feature of this mobile is that in this mobile you will Whether fast charging support is available or not, your mobile is fully charged within 1 hour with the original charger of this mobile And if you buy any mobile, then charge it using the same original charger, it will also improve the battery timing of your mobile.

Samsung A30S Unboxing

And if we do a complete unboxing of this mobile what are the things you get with the box So as soon as you open the boss, you will first get your mobile as well as you Get back cover And with this you have 30 watt of 4 free hands, I have told you earlier and you get to see Type C cable. If we talk about mobile then you get 6 point 4 inch full HD screen in mobile. Get two sim slots On the left side you get the power on off button and on the right side you get the volume up volume down button

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