Samsung Galaxy Fold 12GB 512GB Unboxing And Price

Samsung Galaxy Fold 12GB 512GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friend, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of the mobile Samsung Galaxy fold This mobile is named Samsung Galaxy Fold because You can also make this mobile a type and by folding you can use it as a mobile too. This mobile has been launched in Pakistan and India and its purchase has also started above. This mobile has come in the big market of Pakistan and India, this mobile has not come in the small market because its price is very high. And today we will talk about its price, we will talk about storage, in addition to battery testing about the battery, how is this mobile or this type for you by hand for the game. One of its features I have liked is that if you want to buy type for gaming then you can buy this mobile because you can also make it type and can also make mobile And this mobile uses very different quality software and good RAM and ROM. Samsung company has added a lot of new things inside the tab, it has introduced many new features, which today we will tell you friends while unboxing with complete details. So first we will talk about this mobile, how much is the price, then we will talk about storage and after that we will test the game and after testing the game we will talk about the battery and display And on the end we will unbox its box, what other things do you find in the box.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price

So first of all, we talk about the price of this mobile, the price of this mobile is very high because inside it you are provided very good RAM ROM. Whichever tab it is, whether it is Samsung or Huawei, if it has good RAM ROM, then you have to pay the price also. This mobile has been launched in Pakistan and its price is ₹ 380000. This mobile has been launched in the big market of big cities of Pakistan. Whereas if we talk about India, the price of this mobile in India is ₹ 180000. If you buy it from a big market, then from there you will get this mobile up to 170000 as well. Most people make such mobiles online because they give you ease.

Samsung Galaxy Game Test

After this, if we test the game of this mobile, how is this mobile in terms of the game So I will give you the same advice about the game that if you are fond of gaming, then you buy this mobile from Lazare if you want to get another Samsung mobile So you search about this type about this mobile and buy this type Because you get very few mobiles in this thing that you can use as a mobile and also as a type and this mobile is very smart. RAM ROM has been used more in this or if good RAM has been used, then this mobile is very good for gaming and you can also type it. Many people use tips to play games. So if you have bought this mobile, then you will not have to take any other mobile or tab of any kind, you can use it as a mobile and also as a type. And it has used such graphics that neither allow the mobile to heat up nor cool down nor hangs. So now we will talk about the battery of this mobile, how is the battery of this mobile? How many watts battery


Samsung Galaxy Fold Battery

If we talk about the battery of this mobile, then a large battery of 4380 watt has been used inside it. The battery timing of this type or mobile is very good because whatever Samsung phones come, whatever So the battery timing of their mobiles is very good, the battery timing of any mobile is not good compared to Samsung. If you talk about houses mobile for gaming, if you play games continuously for 12 hours, then your mobile battery will be low. If you watch movies other than MK, then you can use my mobile for 24 hours in office continuously.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

On the end, if we talk about camera setup in this mobile, on the back side you have been given three cameras and on the front also you have been given three cameras. Two cameras are of 12 megapixels while the third camera is 16 megapixels. And on the front side you also get to see three cameras. Two are 10 megapixels and one is 8 megapixels.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

After this, if we do complete unboxing of this mobile, what else do you get with the mobile inside the box So inside the books, you first get your mobile, in addition to this, you get a 36 watt charger at the bottom. After that you get type C cable and with this mobile you get power bank free which is being given free with Samsung mobile nowadays. There are some Samsung mobiles with which you do not get free power bank but with them you are given airpord free.In Pakistan, which costs 20 to ₹ 25000

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display

If we dish this mobile Talking about the display screen, a large 7-point 3-inch display screen has been kept because I have already told you that We can use it both as a tab and as a mobile And in this mobile you get 12gb RAM and 512gb cry Apart from this, you get three cameras at the back and also three cameras at the front.

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