Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Hello friend, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of the mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite So today we will unboxing the complete of this mobile, what are the new features Samsung has put in this mobile, I will share it with friends today with complete details. Battery power rem rom and apart from this, today we will also test the game of this mobile, what is the thing in this mobile from the point of view of gaming, is it not, can we play the game properly in this mobile or not Because there are many mobiles in which if we play games, those mobiles become hot or they have some other issue. So today we will also test this mobile and see how Samsung has progressed in terms of gaming.There is not much difference between the Note 10 Plus and Note 10 Lite but some shapes have been scanned. The shape of both mobiles is different, but the Note 10 Lite appears in something better than the Note 10 Plus. Because on the back of this mobile you get three cameras marmalade While you get three cameras in length in the Note 10 Plus So today we will talk with complete details, Unboxing will do what things you get with the box, so let’s start. First of all, we will talk about the price of this mobile, how much it is worth in Pakistan and India.

Samsung Note 10 Lite Price

So friend, if we talk about the price of this mobile, how much is its price in Pakistan and how much is the price of this mobile in India. In which the hardware of the mobile will be good, the network will be good, the RAM will be good, the ROM will be good, the battery will be good, the price of that mobile will also be higher than other mobiles. If we compete with its price, the Note 10 Plus with two Note 10 Plus is half its price. Note 10 Plus is a slightly expensive mobile, RAM ROM has been kept a bit more in it, but only after that, this mobile has been launched. The price of this mobile in Pakistan is ₹ 88000 When we talk about the price of this mobile in India, the price of this mobile in India is ₹ 44000, which is very reasonable. These days, the camera setup and battery setup in all the mobiles of Samsung are very amazing and the mobiles are of very different quality in terms of gaming. Its price in Pakistan is very reasonable than the price, its price is kept very low compared to the Note 10 Plus Now we will do a gaming test in this mobile, how is this mobile in terms of games.


Samsung Note 10 Lite Game Test

So friend if we test game in this mobile note 10 lite, how is this mobile in terms of dreaming Whatever the Samsung’s Note Five Plus mobiles for the accident, you get all the different mobiles with different quality and good gaming setup.Likewise, if we talk about note 10 Lite that if you enjoy a game in Note 3 Lite, will you be able to enjoy the game properly in it or will you have any issue? Some such software has been kept in this mobile, some graphic has been used that does not allow this mobile to get hot during the game nor does it allow this mobile to cool down. In terms of gaming, this mobile is very good because if any of these mobiles are during the game or it is hot or cold, then that mobile is not right, that mobile has a problem inside some hardware. If there is any problem in the hardware, then the whole set contains the problem in the whole mobile. So if you take any mobile, as if you take Note 3 Lite, Note 3 Lite, then you first see about the team test, see about the battery timing, then after that check the storage camera setup In which mobile internet speed will be good, game test in that mobile is very easy and gaming setup will be very good.

Samsung Note 10 Lite Camera

If we talk about the camera setup in Note 10 Lite, how many megapixels and how many cameras have been used in this mobile. So on the back side of this mobile you get three cameras and a flashlight.And on the friend you get a camera like the Note 10 Plus in the meantime Back trio camera 12 Are megapixels All cameras There are 12 megapixels and front selfie camera you get 32 ​​megapixels. The camera setup has been made very good like the iPhone has three cameras and a flash light installed on the back

Samsung Note 10 Lite Unboxing

If we get the Samsung Note 10 Lite Talking about complete unboxing, what are the things you get with the box, I will tell you the details with friends. As soon as you open the mobile box, first of all you see your mobile. And as soon as you pick up the mobile, below you get a 36 watt charger and 7 Type C cable. With that you get an airpord code which you can order online airpord With this you You get an extra power bank and with that you get a Type C cable which is given free from Samsung.

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