Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + Unboxing & Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + Unboxing & Price

Today we are going to unbox the sumsung note 10 plus. Its price in pakistan is two lakh five thousand. Sumsung note 10 plus has been launched in five colors in pakistan so far.

Note 10 + Storage

Samsung Note 10 plus uses 256 gb room and 12 gb ram. Very good mobile for gaming.

Note 10 + Cameras Setup

The Samsung Note 10 plus has a quad camera setup and you get 3 cameras on the back which are 12 megapixels and on the front you get a camera which is 16 megapixels.

Note 10 + Battery

Samsung Note 10 plus has 25 watt power brake and with it you get type c to type c cable which is a super fast charger.


Note 10 + Sim Slot

In Samsung note 10 plus you don’t get to see two sim slots but you get to see one sim and one sim and one micro sd card slot whereas in note 10 you get to see two sim slots or one sim and micro You can see the slot of the SD card

Note 10 + Speaker

At the bottom of the Samsung note 10 plus you get a type c charging jack. And you get the S Pen which is the same size as the Note 10 and with it you get to see a nice speaker.

Note 10 + Colours

Samsung note 10 plus is available in 5 different colors in Pakistan. Auro grow Arow white Auro Black Auro Blue Most people buy Auro White color with great interest because its brightness is very beautiful and there is no increase in price due to the color. Auro blue also gives a good shine but it gets dirty quickly which is why people don’t like it. In other countries Samsung note 10 plus is found in more colors while in Pakistan it is found in only 5 colors.

Note 10 + Game Test

The Samsung Note 10 Plus has A1 gaming software that improves performance and controls the Samsung Note 10 Plus heat and cooling with extra power. I have software that does not allow the mobile to get hot while playing games

Note 10 + Battery Timing

The battery timing of the Samsung note 10 + plus is very good. If you make the mobile 100 per cent, it runs for 24 hours straight.Speaking of games, you can also play games for 16 hours straight which no mobile phone can play


Note 10 + & Note 10

There is a big difference between Samsung note 10 plus and Samsung note 10. Note 10 has two cameras on the back while Note 10 plus has three cameras on the back. Note 10 has one camera on the front and note 10 plus also has one camera on the front. I have 8 gb ram and 128 gb room while note 10 plus has 12 gb ram and 256 gb room and a big difference between them is that note 10 4g is supported while note 10 plus 5g is supported and note 10 plus I use type c to type c cable. There is a big difference in battery timing between the two mobiles. If we talk about gaming in both the mobiles, note 10 plus is a good cell phone because it has very good gaming software. Note 10 plus has one SIM and one card slot while Note 10 plus has two SIM slots or one SIM slot and one SD card slot.

Note 10 + LCD Size

The Samsung Note 10 Plus has a 6.67 inch display and fingerprint at the top of the screen. The LCD has Gorillas Glass which protects the screen and prevents the screen from breaking. Another advantage of Gorilla Glass is that if mobile If the screens fall off, the guerrilla glass will recover at a very low cost

Note 10 + Fingerprint

The Samsung Note 10 Plus has a fingerprint on top of the display screen which is upside down. The advantage of Ultrasonic is that even if the hands are dirty or dirty, the fingerprint still works easily. works

Note 10 + Mice Test

If we talk about the mic, the mic in the note 10 plus is very beautiful because the sound of the mic in it is very instrumental. Standing at a distance, anyone can talk. Also controls the sound does not spoil the sound 10 note plus a nice thing about the mic is that if you want to record a video you can still record from a note 19 plus mobile which is a big deal

Note 10 + Keyboad

The keyboard of Samsung note 10 plus is very soft. Messages are very fast. The keyboard of sumsung galaxy note 10 plus is very good.

Note 10 + Theme Test

Samsung note 10 plus has its own 5 themes which are very good besides you can download and install any Samsung theme.

Note 10 + Font

Samsung Note 10 plus has its own 7 fonts which are very good. All these fonts are good but most of the people use its orignal font.

Note 10 + 5G

Samsung note 10 plus 5G is supported Pakistan has not had 5g lunch yet but 5g cell has come while other coffee countries have 5g note 10 plus runs 5g with very good speed so it is very good for mobile gaming

Note 10 + Wifi Connection

If we talk about wifi of samsung note 10 plus there are many samsung sets that have problems with wifi, some days it works fine and sometimes it does not have wifi on, whereas in note 10 plus this problem No wifi in this mobile runs very fast and connects to wifi even from a distance of 1 km and gives very good speed note 10 plus mobile phone wifi and internet never a problem because it Very good ram and room has been added So Wifi Connection Is Very Good

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