Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 8GB 256GB Unboxing And Price

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 8GB 256GB Unboxing And Price

Hello Friends, Today the name of the mobile which we are going to unboxing is Samsung s20 fe So this mobile has just been launched in the market, today we will talk about how much its price is in Pakistan, how much is the battery timing, and after this, what is the ROM ROM, what stories are kept in it and what is special in it. Complete Unboxing Today, we will see what other things you get to see with this mobile after opening the box Samsung’s s20 Ultra also has a very good recommendation, a very good model has been made, that too the company has launched. Its price is more than samsung s20 fe The company has given three options in this mobile, you can have 256gb ROM with 8GB RAM, with 8GB RAM you can keep 128GB ROM and after that you can keep 128GB ROM with 6GB RAM as well. That is, you get three options in the same mobile and the price is different from all three. So let’s start first we talk about its price

Samsung S20 FE Price

If we talk about the price of this mobile, then the price of this mobile is also less than other mobiles Today I will tell you friends what is the cost of this mobile in Pakistan and what is the cost of this mobile in India The difference in the price of all the three mobiles is 8GB 128GB, you have this mobile inside Pakistan Is of 154000 When we take it with 8GB and 256gb ROM, then this mobile is of 180000 And if we take it in 6gt and 128gb, then this mobile is of 120000 inside Pakistan If you talk about India, then you will get its price in India in half, that is, in Pakistan, you will get it at a lower rate and you will get it at half rate. Because Pakistan’s currency is lower than India, India’s currency is double than Pakistan’s

Samsung S20 FE Storage

And if we talk about its story after this, I have already told you one thing before that in this mobile you get to see three options. In one option you get 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. And in the second option you get 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. And in the third option you get 8GB RAM and 256gb ROM, which is ₹ 180000 in Pakistan. Samsung company has given three options because if you want to buy in 6GB RAM then you can buy in 6GB and if you want to buy in 6GB, then you can also buy in 8GB, the price is kept different if you have less money The Samsung company has done a great job in that it has three options and the payment is also different.If you have less money then you can take in 6GB RAM which is a good mobile

Samsung S20 FE Game Test

If we talk about gaming test in this mobile, then you get all three options from the point of view of the game, you can play the game in all three options. You get 128 GB RAM with 6GB RAM If we talk about the first option, then you can also enjoy the game in it, but 8GB of RAM has its own fun. If you have less money and you want to buy this mobile for games, then you can buy this mobile in 6GB RAM and enjoy the game. if If we talk about the game, 6GB RAM is the best for the game. There are many mobiles that have 3GB RAM and people are enjoying games. The game also runs correctly in 3GB RAM, but 6GB RAM is now double RAM, so you will get to play great games in it. And if we talk about the second option 8gp and the third option is also 8GB So in 8gp, you can also play PUBG games and apart from other games which have more power than PUBG, you will be able to play them in this mobile too 8GB RAM is the best RAM for the game. It is more important to play games, watching Ram and not much difference of ROM, if your mobile RAM is good then the room itself is very good. Games are essential for games because RAM does not allow your mobile to hang and neither heat nor cool. If it is hot or cold while playing a mobile game or if it hangs after stopping, then it is impossible to play the game in that mobile.


Samsung S20 FE Cameras

After this, if we talk about this mobile camera So on the back side of the mobile you get to see three cameras. The two cameras are 12 by 12 megapixels while the third camera gives you 8 megapixels. And in the middle of the friend you get a camera There is no flash with it, only you see a camera in the middle, that camera is 32 megapixels. All of you friends will know that there is a 32 megapixel selfie camera, so how will your picture look? Even if Samsung has a 12 megapixel camera, it is still seen showing a very cute picture. You have been provided with a 32 megapixel selfie camera here, you will know yourself how your picture or your video is going to be.

Samsung S20 FE Battery

If we talk about the battery timing of this mobile, then talk about the battery power, then how can you tell this how it is in terms of mobile battery So Samsung company has used 4500 mAh battery in this mobile Which is a very large and powerful battery, now you must understand that 4500 battery is less But let me tell you one thing that if you look at Infinix or Techno mobile, its battery is 6000 watts, if it is 6000 watts, if Samsung battery is 4500 watts or it is power, then it is against Techno and Infinix batteries.

Samsung S20 FE Unboxing

If we then talk about complete unboxing, what are the things you get to see inside the mobile box. So you have samsung galaxy first you get a mobile inside the box As soon as you pick up the mobile you also get a card Inside it you are given the airpord code That you can get for free Apart from this, if we talk about the charger, you get a 40 watt charger with it and you see the Type C cable. You do not get hands free in this mobile because you get airpord with this mobile.Apart from this, you get a cover with it which is the mobile’s own and it is given to you free from the company.

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