Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing And Price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing And Price

Today we are going to unbox the samsung galaxy S7 Plus Tab which was launched by samsung company just a few days ago. This tab has been launched in some countries but not in some countries. The funny thing is that if you want to buy a laptop, you can buy a Samsung galaxy S7 Plus Tab

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Price

First we will talk about the price of what Samsung has priced this tab. If we talk about Pakistan then this mobile has not come in any market in Pakistan yet but it will come soon and Pakistan I think its price will be 250,000 and if we talk about India then this tab has come in many big markets of India but there it is priced at 125000 and there are also many countries where this mobile has come and its The buying and selling has also started and the price is high because you can make it into a laptop and use it as a tab.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

If we talk about the memory of this tab then the RAM room of this tab is quite good. The memory of the tab is less than that of mobile. The reason is that people buy more mobiles. Very few people buy tabs and one reason is that if their If the memory is increased then these mobiles are manufactured at a very high price which people cannot buy. If we talk about RAM then Samsung company has used 6 GB of RAM in it and if we talk about Room then 128 GB in this tab. The room has been used which should be in a good tab. All the tabs that have come from the Samsung company are all great because the timing of the Samsung tabs etc. everything is fine

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Battery

If we talk about the battery in this tab, then the company has used a good and big battery in this tab. The Samsung galaxy S7 Plus has a 1000 mah battery which is not such a big and powerful battery of any mobile. If we talk about the battery timing of this tab, you can guess by looking at the battery power that the timing will be good. If we use it for 13 hours in a row, then the battery will be low and if we play the game 8 You can play games for hours on end, ie very good and high quality battery is used

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Game Test

If we test the gaming of this tab, you will give it a score of 100 out of 100 because Samsung galaxy company has used some gaming software in this tab which does not allow the mobile to become gram and does not make the mobile too cold. If a mobile phone gets too hot and gets too cold, then there is a high chance that this tab or mobile phone will explode. Most people are using this tab only for games because in terms of gaming. People have liked this tab since and most people have bought this tab just for playing games and this tab also has a graphics card.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Unboxing

If we talk about the complete unboxing of this tab, then as soon as you break the cell of the box and open the box, at the first number you get your tab which closes in a small and narrow box like As soon as you take out the tab you get an S-pan with the tab and the L-back cover you get with the tab and under it you get a charger and cable and I’ve told you before. You can also make this tab into a laptop. To make a laptop you are given a keyboard at the end in the box of this tab with which you can fix the tab and play and enjoy comfortably. The mouse is attached to the keyboard

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Camera

If we talk about the camera of this tab and the results of the camera, then there is a camera on the front of this tab and also a camera on the back. It is 12 megapixels and the zoom of this tab is both in and out. If a person is standing far away, he can also take a picture by approaching this tab and the picture is clear. The camera setup of this tab Very good

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Charger

If we talk about the charger of this tab, how many watts of charger do you get in this tab and what kind of cable do you get? Then you get a 15 watt charger that charges the tab very quickly and at the same time maintains the timing of the tab. The feature of any good gerger is that it charges the mobile quickly. And then do not damage the tab’s battery

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus 5G

If we talk about internet in this tab, you will know that this tab is updated, ie it has just come in the market, so all the Samsung mobiles are now coming to this tab, all of them have used 5G network which is now. Not available in Pakistan and 5G will be coming to Pakistan soon. This tab is also very good in terms of internet.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Wifi

If we talk about wifi in this tab then this tab has its own wifi and this tab can play two sim and sd card at the same time and this tab has 4 small speakers

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