Techno Camon 16 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Techno Camon 16 4GB 64GB Unboxing And Price

Hello Friends, the name of the mobile we are going to unboxing today is Techno Camon 16 Just a few days ago, this mobile has been launched Techno has increased a lot of new things in this mobile, which today we will tell you with detailed details while unboxing your friends. During Infinix, the techno company is also on it because whoever has taken out mobiles in it, so far no mobile has got any fault. One thing about the techno company is that the camera setup and battery setup in this mobile is very amazing. The battery of techno mobile is kept very large because the power of this mobile which is the hardware is very heavy, because of which the timing of this mobile is also good.Full HD screen is complete, today we will tell you by unboxing, how much the screen of the mobile is, how much RAM is, how much is the ROM, that is, you will guide friends about the storage. After that, another interesting thing today, we will also test the game of this mobile, how does this mobile work while playing the game, is this mobile hanging or does it stop or does this mobile get hot during gaming There are some mobiles which get hot on playing games, some which get cold, then those mobiles are faulted, so today we have done the gaming test of this mobile, you will also tell friends about it. So let’s start by first telling you about the price, how much is it worth in Pakistan and India And how much money you get from the market

Techno Camon 16 Price

So friend, if we talk about the price of this mobile of techno, then the price has been kept very normal of this mobile. If we look at the RAM ROM of this mobile, then we will see the price of this mobile less. If anyone launches Samsung or any new mobile in the air, if the RAM ROM of that mobile is so much, then that mobile is a bit expensive, it makes a difference of ₹ 10000. I also tell you the reason for this, what is the main reason for this 19 and why Infinix mobiles have lower rates than Samsung Friends is the reason that Sasung is a very old company, while it is not a techno and infinix company, yet they have to take their mobile market forward. So due to this, they keep their mobile battery and RAM ROM good and they give you a reasonable price. The price of this mobile Techno Camon 16 in Pakistan is ₹ 24000 Whereas if you talk about India, you will get this mobile of ₹ 12000 from the market in India. The reason is that it has its own company in India and this mobile is cheap in India because the currency is from Pakistan’s India.

Techno Camon 16 Storage

If we talk about storage in this mobile of techno, talk about RAM ROM, how much ROM and how much RAM the techno company has kept in this mobile First of all, let me tell you that this phone has a good use of RAM ROM. In this you get a single option which is 4GB of RAM and And get 64GB ROM If this mobile of Samsung’s mobile has 4GB of RAM and ROM is 64GB, then you get about 32000 flowing mobile. This is the reason why the techno company is still a new company, due to which it has kept its mobile rates low as soon as this company will be a bit old. So the price of this mobile will also increase, so that Samsung and handover company The first company that came to the iPhone nowadays, if its price is seen, it is in millions. When a new mobile comes, its price is one lakh plus. Because those mobiles are very good and are very old


Techno Camon 16 Game Test

If we test gaming in this mobile of techno, test the game, in terms of gaming, this mobile is normal I do not recommend that you buy this mobile for the game because this mobile gets hot and hangs after a few days Because these mobiles do not use such niche 3 software that the Samsung iPhone from this company Samsung company and Air Company have some such graphic software, such as quality software that does not allow the mobile to be hot nor cool. While this advice is not present in Techno Mobile, nor do you get the gaming setup properly in Infinix Mobile. In terms of games, love is absolutely good. Room is also good. You can play any game in 4GB RAM. But these mobiles do not have software that can prevent the mobile from heating or cooling.

Techno Camon 16 Battery

If we talk about the battery of this mobile of techno, then this mobile is very good in terms of battery. Because it has used a very large battery, which is very rare in the future. Techno has used 5000 mAh battery in this mobile If we do gaming test, play games on this mobile, then the battery timing of this mobile is only 6 hours. That is, if you play games on mobile continuously for 6 hours, then Have your mobile battery If we do not play the game on it then this mobile can be 2 days battery timing This mobile is not good for gaming because Its screen is 2 full HD, full HD display, but its touch is not so powerful that it gives you soft to play games easily.

Techno Camon 16 Unboxing

After this, if we unboxing this mobile completely, what are the things you get with the mobile with the box So as soon as you open the box, first of all you The back cover of the mobile is available which is made of a silicon. After that you get your mobile techno camon 16 below it You get a charger 5 word adapter and with that you get data cable And you get three cameras on the back side of this mobile and on the front you get a camera The rear three rooms have a 12-megapixel change. The second is 8 megapixels and the third is 4 megapixels. You also get 12 megapixels when the front selfie camera. You get two SIM slots, plus two speakers. You get 3G 4G supported mobile

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