Tello Talk Messenger App Download

Tello Talk Messenger

Tello Talk Messenger App Download is a Pakistani application on which you can chat live and talk to friends And you can also earn money by inviting friends on this application. Making money on this application is very easy and you can also use it like WhatsApp. If you invite a friend on this application, you get 50 Rupees for an invite You can easily earn money from this application along with chat, Delhi i.e. which application do you have friends on every day You can earn 200 Pakistani Rupees daily by inviting

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Tello Talk Messenger App Download You can talk to friends on this application, like you chat live with friends on Messenger Facebook or you can talk to your friends on WhatsApp. In this way you can earn money on the Tillo Talk application and can also talk with your friends.The advantage of this application is that if any message goes wrong with your friend, then you can also delete it. Which your friend has Which will never happen

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you can easily earn money sitting at home. All the friends you invite on this application send the link to your friends If you do, you will benefit from this application, you will be able to earn money from it. Tillo gives 50 Pakistani Rupees of Invite on the Talk application. You get its money in the case of balance

Tello Talk Messenger App Download

Tello Talk Messenger App Download  gives balance for free You can get balance for free on any sim on Zong Telenor or Wardid Sim.You use this application to talk to friends or if you want to earn money from this application, then if you invite a friend to this application So one invoice gives you this application for 50 Pakistani Rupees absolutely free

Sign up to the Tello Talk application is very easy Just like you make WhatsApp by putting a number on WhatsApp, similarly you can create a number Create a Tillo Talk account On the same number on which you create an account, you will get free load from Tello Talk

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