Vivo V17 Pro 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Vivo V17 Pro 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Hello Friends, the mobile we are going to unbox today is Vivo’s mobile Vivo 17 Pro This mobile has just been launched by Vivo company This mobile has very amazing features, which we will tell you today, a camera setup is very beautiful and different quality and very big land has been used. So today we will unboxing it together, along with what you get, what things you get, how much RAM is how much ROM and how much battery power is there, along with complete details, today you will be a complete guide to friends. How is this mobile for you friends, do you buy it Unboxing any loss or any benefit, I am going to guide your friends I will tell you friends about its price in Pakistan and what is its price in India, what is its price in dollars, complete details in this Today i am going to tell you friends So first we will talk about the storage that after that we will talk about the price, then we will talk about the battery, then we will also test the game, what are the features added to this mobile by hand for the game, in terms of the game How is this mobile in terms of gaming, will we be able to play the game correctly in v17pro or not Because nowadays, whoever is buying mobiles, many people are buying mobiles in the hobby of gaming.So let’s Let us first tell you about its storage


Vivo V17 Pro Storage

If we talk about Vivo’s mobile storage, talk about RAM, talk about ROM, then in terms of RAM ROM, this mobile is made of a very different type because it has very good RAM. Many mobile phones of Vivo have arrived,All of them are amazing because whatever Abe is launching a new model, she is launching against Samsung and in the air. And Sadue to this reason samsung and Huawei are good in their mobiles feacher is using many good software So if we talk about this mobile Vivo 7 Pro of Vivo, then it has a big RAM of 8GB. And with 8GB of RAM, you get to see 128GB ROM. And Vivo company has given the same option in this mobile, as the other options are in Infinix that a mobile is getting in 4GB RAM, with that you get 64GB ROM and And you get another option in Infinix or Techno, with 8GB of RAM in the same model. 128GB ROM is also available But this is not the case in this mobile, Vivo did not put any such system in this mobile, only you get only one option in this, it is also one and with 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM you are from this mobile

Vivo V17 Pro Price

After this, if we talk about the price of this mobile, how much is the price of this mobile in Pakistan and how much is the price of dry mobile in India So if you see Samsung or Huawei mobile, then its price is less than that. If a mobile belongs to Samsung,If the company keeps 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM in it then you get 80 to 90 thousand of that mobile. But this mobile is not so much price in Pakistan, you will get this mobile of ₹ 64000 And if it is seen in India, its price in India, then you can guess India itself, will its price in India be ₹ 32000. If you move by buying from a big market in Pakistan, then you will get this mobile from 63000 to 62 years from the big market. In India too, you will find this mobile inside from 31000 to 31500 if you buy from a big market.

Vivo V17 Pro Game Test

After this, if we will test the game of this mobile, how is this mobile from the point of view of the game, can you enjoy the game properly or not? Because the people who are buying mobile nowadays, first of all, consider the game test to be the last man, how will the game run in this mobile So today I tell you friends with complete details how you can enjoy the game in this mobile If you want to enjoy the game in Vivo’s mobile, then I would like to recommend that this is a very good mobile in terms of gaming. Because whatever is Vivo’s big mobile i.e. inside which is 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM So these are very good in terms of mobile gaming I have used the application note in which I am enjoying the game of Pabg itself. Is a very amazing mobile phone If your internet speed is good, then you will not have any problem in playing games, your mobile will neither be hot nor cold. Because Vivo company has used such an amazing graphic in this mobile that it does not let your mobile get hot nor cool during the game play. If during any mobile game, whether it is from Vivo or Samsung or techno or Infinix If it is hot or cold or hangs during the game then that mobile is of no use Gaming The real meaning of game test is that if your mobile RAM is good, then you can enjoy the game in mobile in the right way You can also guess how your mobile is in terms of games by looking at the mobile RAM. Or how would

Vivo V17 Pro Camera

After this, if we talk about the camera setup of this mobile, then in this mobile you get four cameras on the back and two cameras on the front. On the back side is the big main camera, you get 48 megapixels stuck. And then the camera below that Get 8 megapixels After that, if we talk about the third camera, then the third camera gives you 13 megapixels. And the fourth camera gives you 4 megapixels And if we talk about camera setup on the front, then there are two cameras on the front. Main camera you get 32 ​​megapixels, which is a selfie camera. And together you get an 8 megapixel camera The camera language in this mobile is very good, you can make a very good pic The good thing about this camera in terms of camera setup is that in this mobile you get blur as you drag any picture in DSLR. Just like DSLR blurs the background, you get to see such advice in this mobile camera.

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