Vivo V20 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Vivo V20 8GB 128GB Unboxing And Price

Friend, today the mobile we are going to unboxing is the name of that mobile Vivo v20 This mobile has just been launched by Vivo, what new features have Vivo added to this mobile, what things have not been added Vivo V is progressing nowadays because all the mobile phones of Vivo are coming, if we talk about the battery timing, then Rome is also very good. Whichever is set, you will first check it, how many watts is the battery inside that mobile and then how much RAM ROM is there, and after that you have to see the price also, how is the price of the mobile in terms RAM ROM? If the RAM ROM of the mobile is good, the price is also high, if the RAM ROM is normal, then the price is also low. So today we will give you complete details with the kick of Vivo v20 since then. So today I will also tell you the price of this mobile, what is the price of this mobile in Pakistan and if it is talked about in India, then how much is the price of this mobile inside India? Vivo company is currently a growing Vivo company as Vivo has replaced Oppo. Oppo and Vivo mobiles are almost same. If we wish this mobile mobile with Samsung and Huawei then almost Vivo mobile is against Samsung. And the price of this mobile will also be seen as normal, because in this mobile you get many such things that you do not get even in Samsung or Huawei mobile. So first we will talk about the price of this mobile, after this, what other things do we get in this mobile, battery timing in test and complete capacity of storage, then the display and What you get with the box of Unboxing will do

Vivo V20 Price

If we talk about the price of this mobile, then the price of this mobile in Pakistan is normal. Whereas if you see this mobile in such good RAM ROM, then you have to pay a very high price. But you have the advantage of Vivo Mobile that in this you get good software and you also get Biyani Normal celebrating the rate. First this mobile was launched inside India and after that it has been launched in Pakistan. Its price in India is half of Pakistan because India’s currency is 2 times more than Pakistan. Due to this, the price of this mobile is 50% within India, due to Pakistan The price of this mobile in Pakistan is ₹ 60000 which is a normal price. If we look at the RAM ROM, the price of this mobile is less. And if we talk about India, then the price of this mobile inside India is ₹ 30000. If you buy this mobile from a big market in Pakistan, then you can get this mobile for about ₹ 58000. And if you score by a big market inside India, then you will get this mobile in the range of 28 to 29000. If you understand or are fond of Oppo, then the mobiles of Oppo and Samsung are a bit expensive, then you can get Vivo’s mobile like Oppo and like Samsung and get a big battery.


Vivo V20 Storage

And if after this we talk about the storage of Vivo v20, in which mobile the company has storage, how much RAM is kept, how much ROM is kept So in terms of RAM ROM, I have already told you that RAM and ROM have been used well in this mobile, which you are getting in the new mobiles of Samsung and Huawei In this, you get only one option, in Vivo v20 you get an option with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Some mobiles such as Vivo have launched that in which you had three options. In one you got 4GB RAM 64GB ROM and one with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM and third you got 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. But in vivo company V20 You have only one option, you can not buy Vivo v20 in 4GB and 6GB RAM, only you get an option with 8GB RAM. Which is a very good Ram, a very cute mobile has been made because in this mobile you also find the camera setup very cute, I will tell you about it even further, now I am going to tell you friends about this display

Vivo V20 Battery & Display

If we talk about the display and battery of this mobile, then first of all, let me tell you that the display of this mobile is kept at six point 4 inches. And you are introduced to the Gorilla Glass And if we talk about the battery of this mobile after that, a big battery has been used, 5000 mAh battery has been used. If you see any mobile Infinix or techno besides, you get 5000 mAh battery in them but it is less than Vivo Oppo and Samsung. There are some mobiles that come on the end and the battery gets spoiled in time, but I have used it myself in this mobile, in this mobile you get very amazing battery timing. For battery timing, this mobile is very powerful and if you play games in this mobile then in gaming also you will not get any harm from battery timing If you take your battery while playing the game, then you charge it full and then play the game Because it can spoil your mobile’s battery time You can enjoy the game in this mobile by charging full battery for 12 hours continuously.

Vivo V20 Camera

If we talk about camera setup in Vivo v20, then there are very big and different types of cameras, which will tell you in full detail. On the back side of the mobile you get three cameras There is a large size camera and two smaller size Big size camera 64 megapixels are used when there are 2 religions 9 size cameras, inside one you get 16 megapixels and inside the other you get 8 megapixel camera. And on the front you get a camera whose photo Is 48 megapixels This mobile is very good considering the camera setup

Vivo V20 Game Test

If we test the game in this mobile, how is the humor for the mobile game, then Oppo Vivo is the same company, I have told you friends that the battery timing of this mobile is very good in terms of gaming. In terms of gaming, apart from Infinix and Techno mobiles, in addition to Vivo Samsung, tremendous Kishan games can be played. Anyway, 8GB RAM has been used in this mobile, the only thing for gaming is that you have good RAM Need a cell phone If you do not have a good RAM mobile phone, then you cannot play any big game in your mobile which can turn the light on the Internet. So inside it, some graphics software has been used that neither allows this mobile to hang nor does it allow this mobile to heat up. Any mobile is hot or hangs, it stops and stops, no setting is a problem, but its hardware is encouraged. So that mobile will not make you enjoy playing games properly

Vivo V20 Unboxing

If we talk about complete unboxing of this mobile, what are the things you get with this mobile box So you need to have some extra power bank in this mobile or any extra you airpord Don’t meet You get the first cover in the box, after that you get an adapter of 30 watts, after that you get a data cable which is very powerful. With this you get three cameras on the back and one camera on the front and on the side you get the power on off button and on the other side you get the volume you and the volume down button. At the bottom you get two speakers with a charging jack.

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