Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Unboxing And Price

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Unboxing And Price

So guys, the name of the mobile we are going to unboxing today is Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. Today we will tell you the full details of this mobile, how much RAM and how much Room has been used in it. In the unboxing box you can see what things Xiaomi is bringing day by day with newer and newer mobiles and they are also quite good and if we talk about their price then the price is also low and also very good to see. Are beautiful and this mobile has been launched in pakistan and india this company has developed a lot because its mobiles are very good and of good quality any company launches any mobile then it tests itself first If there is a fault in the mobile, it fixes it again and the mobile is sealed in its bad market.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Price

If we talk about the price of mobile, then the price of this mobile is very low in terms of the things that are placed in it. If we look, the price is low. In Pakistan, its price is higher than India because India’s currency is Pakistan. The price of this mobile is more than 80,000 in Pakistan and 40,000 in India. If you buy a mobile from a big market, you get a mobile at that price and if you buy a mobile from a small market, that’s it. Mobile you will get one or two thousand expensive which its original price in Pakistan is 80000 thousand and the original price in India is 39999

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Storage

If we talk about the storage in this mobile, then the ram room that Xiaomi has installed in it is very good. Due to the large ram room, the rate of this mobile is a bit higher. Not everyone has a lower price because they don’t have that much ram room so xiaomi has used 8GB RAM and 128GB Room in it which is very good storage for a good mobile and the cell of this mobile is also high because The fact is that the storage of this mobile is getting good and the money is a little less in terms of storage. Special care has been taken for the memory in this

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Game Test

If we talk about playing games in this mobile then this mobile is also good for games and for gaming it has used modern type of graphics. Any game i.e. Pubg If you play Pubg in this mobile then internet speed is also in this mobile. It will be good and you will not have any problem in playing the game. You will be able to play the game comfortably because this mobile uses good gaming softwear which does not allow the mobile to hang and during the game this mobile Not too hot or cold If someone gets hot during mobile gaming, that mobile is not good. A good feature of this mobile is that it does not hang and is neither hot nor cold. Xiaomi did not use this mobile. I have used a lot of good software


Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Camera

If we talk about Cameras Setup in this mobile then Xiaomi company has given a huge advantage in this mobile that you can see 5 cameras in this mobile. 4 cameras are placed on the back and 1 camera is placed on the front and another fun. There is a big camera on the back of this mobile which is 108 megapixels and at the same time at the bottom you can see 3 more cameras, one camera of 13 megapixels and one camera of 12 megapixels and One camera is empty and with it you also get to see a Flash Light and the front camera is 8 megapixels which is less visible and Zooming is also very good. Shows because it uses good lenses

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Box Unboxing

If we talk about complete unboxing of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro then first you get a box as soon as you open this box then first you get mobile then as soon as you open it its Below you get the cable and charger and with it you get the cover of this mobile and you get the fingerprint on the screen itself. The fingerprint is very soft even if your hands are fair. No worries and then at the bottom you get two speakers and a charging jack and on the left you get the on-off button, on the right you get the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro Display Size

If we talk about Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Display Screen then the company has made a big screen of 6.5 Inch which is a good screen for big mobiles and it is a full screen mobile. Protects and also protects from a major damage. If your mobile phone accidentally falls down, your mobile phone will not be damaged as it uses guerrilla glass.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Battery

If we talk about the battery timing of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro then the company has kept the battery fixed in this mobile and has used a big 5000 mAh battery. The timing of this mobile is quite good and if we talk about this mobile while playing games. The timing of the game does not make much difference to this mobile while good gaming software has been used. You can play the game on the mobile for 7 hours continuously by fully charging the mobile and by the way you can use this mobile for 24 hours. You can use it, it is not hot at all

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

And the funny thing is that in this mobile, Xiaomi used 5G network which is not working in Pakistan yet. Because these mobiles will go viral when 5G comes in the whole world

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