Zenfone 7 Pro Unboxing And Price 2020

Zenfone 7 Pro Unboxing And Price 2020

Today the name of the mobile that we are going to unboxing is the name of Zenfone 7 Pro, so today we will unboxing this mobile, Dnyaneshwar will talk about it, we will talk about battery timing, apart from what the price has been in its market This mobile has just been launched by the company and its RAM ROM is very amazing, it is very good and in Pakistan it has not yet been done with mobile no, while launching this mobile in India and other mouth owners.

Zenfone 7 Pro Price

First of all, if we talk about the price of this mobile, then its price is slightly higher because inside it very amazing very good RAM ROM has been used.The higher the love disease, the better the mobile will be and the higher the price of that mobile is, this is the reason that this mobile is very good
In Pakistan, the price of this mobile is ₹ 110000 whereas inside India its price is around ₹ 55000, then its price in Pakistan is more because there are people from Pakistan’s currency India.

Zenfone 7 Pro Storage

And now we are going to talk about the storage of Jain Four Seven Pro, that is, how much RAM and how much ROM has been used in this mobile, is this mobile really good or not The RAM used in this mobile is of a very different type because very few mobiles get so much RAM and so much ROM.Zenfone 7 Pro Mi 8GB RAM and 256gb ROM have been used There are very few mobiles available in Pakistan that have so much RAM.Many companies have such mobiles which have good hambromes but those mobiles do not come out good.But as this lion is good of this mobile, the RAM ROM has been used and the set is also very good to run.

Zenfone 7 Pro Game Test

And now we do a test of the game in this mobile, that is, how is it in terms of mobile game testing or not. If we play the game in this mobile, is this mobile good or not I can also tell you about this with complete details, yes, this mobile is very well made.And it has used a lot of RAM and ROM so that it will not fail in the gaming test.And in this, some such gaming software has been installed some graphics that do not allow this mobile to get hot nor to be too cold.If a mobile gets hot during a game or suddenly cools down, that mobile is not good and the game is not played correctly in that mobile.So I will give you this advice that this mobile is very good in terms of games and you must buy this mobile Now we talk about the pubg game, if we play the pubg game in this mobile then how will this mobile be So Pabg game, I have ever tested this mobile so much speed of internet PNG game is very low

Zenfone 7 Pro Battery

If we talk about the battery timing or battery of Zenfone 7 Pro, then a very large battery has been used in it, yes friend, 5000 mAh battery has been used in it.Janu Phone Seven Pro’s battery timing is very good because its battery is very big and a 30 watt charger has also been given to charge it.Which you get inside the box, plus you also get a data cable


Zenfone 7 Pro Camera

After this, if we talk about how many cameras of its cameras have been used in Cell Phone Seven Pro, because three to four cameras are common in today’s new models. Three or four cameras are being used. So this model is also similar in that 3 cameras have been installed on its back side, there is no camera on the front. Can put the camera on the back of the front and have your pick The camera system is very good that there are three cameras on the back side. You can push the camera forward and backward by pressing a button.

Zenfone 7 Pro 5G

If we talk about networking of Zenfone Seven Pro, then it has its own wifi and internet connection.Apart from this, another tremendous thing is that 5G has been used in this mobile.That is, if there is 5G in your city or 5G in your country where 5G is available where you live.So you can enjoy 5G internet through this mobile.5G has not been launched in Pakistan yet but there are many countries where 5G has been launched.This mobile is being bought a lot inside India because 5G is available there and according to 5G the price of this mobile is very low. Because of which people are liking it very much, due to the low rate, people have bought it a lot.

Zenfone 7 Pro Unboxing

Now we talk about the complete unboxing of this mobile, what day do you get the things with Phone Seven Pro, you open the box like this, then you get a small box on the front first.Inside which you get not one but 2 back covers And after that you get Send Phone 7 Pro Mobile and below that you get a data cable and with that you get a 30 watt charger or Adopter Hands free you can not see in this mobile So as soon as you open the mobile, you get two get a charging jack in addition to speakers. On the left side you will get a fingerprint Which is very soft, that is, it works even if your hands are dirty And with this you get the on off power button if you talk about going right Then you get the volume you and the volume down button

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